A ravenous wolf - Blessings to Beenjamin's tribe

"Benjamin is a ravenous wolf,
in the morning devouring the prey,
and at even dividing the spoil."
Blessings to Benjamin, one of the twelve tribes of Israel (Jacob).
Tribe of Benjamin

Facts about Benjamin's tribe - Left-handed warriors:
Messages from God are also delivered with the left hand
Left-handed 1
Left-handed 2
Left-handed 3

The etymology of the name Benjamin is a matter of dispute, though most agree that it is composed of two parts - ben and jamin - the former meaning son of. The literal translation of Benjamin is son of right (as opposed to left), generally interpreted as meaning son of my right hand, though sometimes interpreted as son of the right side; being associated with the right hand side was traditionally a reference to strength and virtue (cf sinester, which derives from the latin for left).

This is, however, not the only literal translation, as the root for right is identical to that for south, hence Benjamin also literally translates as son of the south; this meaning is advocated by several classical rabbinical sources, which argue that it refers to the birth of Benjamin in Canaan, as compared with the birth of all the other sons of Jacob in Aram. Modern scholars have instead proposed that, with the eponymous Benjamin being just a metaphor, son of the south/son of the right are references to the tribe coming into existence in a geographic situation respect to the more dominant tribe of Ephraim.

In the Samaritan Pentateuch, the name is consistently written with a terminal mem, making it Benjamim, and would literally translate as son of days; some classical rabbinical literature argues that this was the original form of the name and was a reference to the old age of Jacob when Benjamin was born.

Benjamin is the second son of Jacob and Rachel, and his line of descendants are inclined to warfare. King Saul, the first king of Israel was a direct descendant of the lineage of Benjamin.

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